Kilimanjaro Summit Cone Summit success on Kilimanjaro Cave camp on Kilimanjaro's Rongai Great Migration A Female Lion Beach excursion
Wildlife Safaris
Something about this vast ancient landscape gets into your blood and colors your dreams. Sinking off to sleep, your restless city mind slips away, giving back vivid images. Of wildebeest moving in a slow pulse across broad plains, and zebra weaving a canvas of kinetic stripes. Of morning skies filled with flamingoes. Come with us
Mountain Trekking
Experience the summit of Mt.Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru, Mt.Oldoinyo Lengai and all peaks of Tanzania. All the trekking routes are non-technical and can be accomplished by anyone in reasonable good physical condition.
Known as the "spice island," Zanzibar offers relaxation as well as adventure opportunities. White sand beaches, warm turquoise water, spice tour, scuba diving and snorkeling, Jozani Forest, and dhow boat cruises are just some of the fun activities on the island.
Walking Safaris
Walk with local Maasai tribesmen to familiarize yourself with the back country in a way that few tourists do. Discover the brilliance and serenity of Africa in the company of experts who can give you a closer look, a richer taste, a deeper understanding of an astonishing landscape.
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